App Wrap Up (Week Ending 1st March, 2013)

By , on March 1, 2013

Hey hey gentle readers (I don't know why you're gentle, it just sounded like a nice thing to say)! Welcome once again to the App Wrap Up. It's gonna be a short one this week, but I do have three game trailers to take a look at. They seem to have something interesting to offer so who knows, you might find a new favourite. Let's take a look!


Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary (Runawayplay - NHNZ)

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This one almost got put in another pile. I'm saving up interesting looking education games to eventually write an App Wrap Up for parents and their children, but there was something about Flutter that made me think adults might find it interesting as well. It looks to have a 'collect-em-all' focus to butterflies, and then you get to see them all flutter around their habitat. Definitely only for a certain type of gamer, but it looks like it could be entertaining nonetheless.
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Twisted Ways (Stanislav Fedorov)

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The gameplay doesn't start on this one till about a minute in. Get to the exit. You can only travel the ways the arrows are facing, but landing on a square will rotate it. What's going to be the difference between play and frustration with this title is how rigid the solutions are, and if you can reverse bad decisions.
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Dog Monster (Brite Kids LLC)

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A game based around a dog chasing a produce truck. What will they think of next? The smashing fruits and vegetables look amusing, as well as the ability to be different dogs (including a robot). You don't really get a good glimpse of how it plays aside from that it looks like an arcade runner.
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And that's it for this week. As always, if you've played any of these titles or decided to purchase them after seeing the trailers here, let us know what you think in the comments, and we'll see you next time on the App Wrap Up!