App Wrap Up (Week Ending 26th April, 2013)

By , on April 26, 2013

Hey hey readers, and welcome to another installment of your favourite feature on the site, the App Wrap Up! It's been a week of transition as we say goodbye to Andrew and welcome on James to fill his place. The video content has been missed, but you will always have good ol' Dave here with his written content (which for the most part, was the backbone of our video content anyway)! Oh, and it's also my birthday, so yes, I am indeed taking time out of this day of celebration to let you know about some games that may have fallen under the radar based on their trailers. We don't have too many this week, so let's get started!


Fill Spector (WOW Inc.)

So aside from the game being enjoyed by pizza chefs, what can this trailer tell us? I guess the goal is to wiggle the creature so you can loosen his compositon up enough to stretch him down the paths, and into the next chamber. It also has quite trippy visuals. Interesting if nothing else!
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Space Truckers (SitRep)

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At the start of the video, you think it's another one of those magnetised planet games that are becoming all the rage, but then you watch a little more, and you discover that there's a buy and sell mechanic depending on which direction you travel in. Just novel enough to give the experience an edge.
[App Store Link]


Well actually, I have to apologize. This week's is shorter than I thought (an additional entry turns out to have been removed from the App Store). Well, as always, if you've played any of these games or decide to try them out based on what you've seen here, let us know in the comments. Till next week, happy gaming all!