AppSpy's video wrap-up - The Walking Dead, Cut the Rope 2, Ridge Racer Slipstream

By , on December 21, 2013

We know that you're a busy person. You probably shouldn't even be reading this article, what with all the jobs / tasks / children / tax returns / online RPGs competing for your love, time, and attention.

We also understand that you may not have the inclination to click through pages and pages of links looking for the AppSpy videos that matter to you.

So, to save you the hassle of browser tab management, we've put all the best AppSpy video previews and reviews of the week in a single place. This place, to be precise.

Here is this week's AppSpy video wrap-up:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas review

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Rating: 4/5

We said: "Though the controls are never going to match those of the console versions, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is as reverent and respectful an iOS port as you could realistically hope for."

The Walking Dead: Season 2 - All That Remains

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Rating: 4/5

We said: "Though this first chapter feels particularly short, the emotional conflict which resonated throughout season one of The Wallking Dead is definitely back in season two. A promising start."

Tomb Raider I hands-on

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Though it's not quite The Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, the original Tomb Raider is an important chapter in the Big Book o' Videogames. We go hands-on to see how it holds up 17 years after the fact.

Cut the Rope 2 hands on

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For Cut the Rope 2, developer Zeptolab has freed loveable green monster Om Nom from his boxy prison. Turns out he's been abducted by spiders, and must munch his way through a variety of outdoor environments in order to get home. Click the video above to see what the game in action.

Colossatron: Massive World Threat hands-on

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In Colossatron : Massive World Threat, you have to monitor the progress of a giant snake-like robot which comes crashing down to earth with the intention of destroying everything in its path. We go hands-on with this unusual take on the match-three genre in the video above.

Ridge Racer Slipstream hands-on

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Ridge Racer Slipstream, a premium mobile instalment of the drift-based racing series, appeared this week on the App Store. We put the pedal to the metal (read: our thumbs on the screen) to take the game for a test drive.

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