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This is a simulation of the events that took place during the rescue of Captain Phillip's on April 5th, 2009. You will play through this simulation as one of the U.S. Navy Seals. You will begin the simulation with a parachute drop you control into the L.Z. or landing zone. You simply tilt the phone to adjust where you wish to land. You must land inside the orange box. After landing you will be taken to the aft section of the bainbridge. There you must make 3 perfect head-shots on the three pirates threatening to end the Captain's life. You will have 1 shot from each seal position. The lifeboat will be rocking in the waves and the pirates moving and animating as they are talking. You will aim by tilting your device to place your crosshairs in the correct positions. Ones fired you will follow the bullet's path to see your shots result. One miss and the mission is a failure. Then you must start over. The mission time is kept thus you can try to beat your best time during each simulation and compete world wide.

- Realistic completely 3 Dimensional play.
- High Score system for the lowest mission times.
- Dusk environment.
- U.S.S. Baibridge and lifeboat along with 3 fully animated
and moving pirates on a moving ship.
- Scoped and Un-Scoped firing.
- Slow motion bullet following camera.
- Head shot detection.
- Mission time is saved to compete for better timing.
- Free look viewing system.


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