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iBailout!!, the viciously satirical, new-school, action arcade bonanza, is not only the world's single greatest game about the Federal Reserve, but a most loving and innovative Ms. Pac-Man homage too.

“This game is difficult to put down.”
-Girl Gamers UK

”Who knew a game involving the Fed, corporate greed, and frightened citizens could be so enjoyable?”
-Just Another iPhone Blog

“iBailout!! amounts to one hilariously entertaining package. This satirical version of Pac-Man is an original twist on the much-loved arcade game.”
-Gaming Nexus

“A great game mocking today’s political and economic toil, sure to brighten up the faces of angry citizens and gamers alike. It’s time to eat money, run from angry mobs, declare martial law, and 'bailout!!'”
-Gamer Syndrome


Our swipe controls are sweet: You can swipe anywhere on the screen to move the Fed, not just on the road or the Fed’s current path (easier when using your index finger too). Also, you can swipe ahead of time and it’ll store that move until exactly the right time to execute it, so you’re able to input very quick maneuvers and navigate multiple abrupt corners with ease. Cool, huh?


Lost your job? The house? He/She/It left you and took the kids/dog/HDTV? Still got a card on file with iTunes? Well then, turn that frown upside down, because we've got just the ticket to cure what ails ya, right here: iBailout!!.

Now, you're not the one whose savings vanish right before their eyes and whose home slips right out from under their a$$—you're the Fed and it's time for you to get yours!

You might think: “Me? Take money from the American people? Get rich off the backs of loyal citizens and taxpayers? Nah... not me!”

Ok, I know. It just doesn't seem kosher. Why should you profit at your fellow Americans' expense? I'll tell you why: Screw them! Are you going to sit around like a bum and feel sorry for yourself? Or are you going to get out there and suck these chumps dry until there's nothing left, but cracked sidewalks and crack houses?!

“Well... All right! Let's do it! Yes, we can!”

Now you're talking! Welcome to the club! The Fed is ravenously hungry, standing by and awaiting your orders.

Have fun!!

$ Fun new twist on the classic Ms. Pac-Man formula!! Enemy mobs work like snakes that grow depending upon how much money you eat and, if you cut them in half while on a martial law/power-up run, they'll form two completely separate enemy mobs, adding an entirely new tactical layer of depth and strategy to the classic arcade experience!!

$ Welcome to the new-school!! iBailout!! represents a brand new school of thought on the traditional arcade experience and, through a liberal 1-UP bonus system and bailout bonus rounds ('cause you're too awesome to fail), we deliver a game that's accessible to everyone, yet still rewards those old-school, practiced arcade skills!!

$ All the iPhone arcade essentials are here!! We've got online global leaderboards, ultra-responsive swipe controls (with tilt as an option), some downright brilliant enemy A.I. and 10+ unique level maps offering infinite challenge and replayability!!

$ A fun, mature game for fun, mature people!! iBailout!! isn't just another pretty face; its vicious satire of the Federal Reserve, in the seemingly innocent form of a Ms. Pac-Man homage, offers the sort of real and meaningful gaming experience that you just can't get anywhere else--on your iPhone, or off!!

iBailout!!: A great deal, while supplies last!!*

*Offer void in North Korea, Somali pirate havens, and Federal Reserve branch offices.

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