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##Featured in "hot new games" in 66 countries##
iPad version of SteamBalls was in top 10 of paid games in USA!
Steamballs is a new star of Match-3 action puzzle genre.


"SteamBalls is a top of the line match three game that provides enough innovation to provide brand new challenge for the somewhat stale genre. The game is nicely designed giving you great visuals and a great soundtrack" -

"If you’ve been looking for a quality Match-3 and you’re up for the challenge, I’d recommend checking out Steamballs. It looks great, it sounds great, it plays great and it’s got Open Feint. It’s such a polished, unique, feature filled game it’s tough to pass this one up." -

"I really can't say enough good things about the look and feel of the game, which is presented in the steampunk style." -

"Complex, nuanced and more about long term strategy than the short term gain, Steamballs is a fun steampunk puzzler that’s worth a look." -

"Steamballs is the essence of match-3, polished to the extent of becoming an art with deep and varied gameplay. While the basic mechanics makes for an easy-to-pick-up gaming experience, the added features really make it a “hard-to-master” puzzler". -

You’ll find extremely polished graphics and unique gameplay in the all new game from Digital Worlds!

The goal of the game is simple - to earn as many points as possible and take the first place on the world’s scoreboard by collecting three or more balls of the same color in a horizontal line.

But it is not that simple as it looks! The balls now have weight! We now have real scales on our userface instead of a flat surface! The weight adds new fantastic conditions to the classic gameplay of Match-3 genre! 12 extra balls with unique qualities dramatically expand tactical ability and play. Besides that, do not forget that 5 balls of the same color, if stacked together will form one heavy ball.

- Excellent 3D graphics and special effects animation
- Unique gameplay
- Multitude of tactical schemes
- Open Feint support-prove everyone you are the best by placing first on the world’s scoreboard
- 12 extra balls with their own unique qualities, animation and special effects
- 14 colors-dare to open them all?
- 30 achievements
- Deep, breathtaking gameplay
- Option to listen to your own music while playing

Also, SteamBalls HD for iPad, improved and extended is out!


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