Strange Pharmacy

Strange Pharmacy
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"Peach, a cub witch, who wish to be a lady witch.
She could do whatever she wants, if she enters adulthood. One day, she unexpectedly found a magic book, in which the secret witch craft to be a adult was written down, she muttered charm words without any hesitation. However, she never expected that she became a crooked old lady in her 90 years old. Even though she looked up the magic book to return herself when she had been, the magic for recovery was never showed up. Inevitably she dropped in the Great Witch Cloe, her master, she was advised to get miraculous hubs called life grass and to get younger gradually as then up eating. Peach begged to ask the grass, but the Great Witch claims her to do something in turns if giving the grass. The master continue to say the men who became an adult in favor at the magic could live till 100 years old and she(or he) could never avoid to face the death.
Peach did not have any choice but strange pharmacy handed even for living a getting younger back.

- Fusion Tycoon added a various range of entertainments.
- Huge number of collected items protection card, costume, pats, interiors etc.
- Providing spectacular endings according to return age, aim to extend play time and motivate the play.
- Identify players with characters whose appearances are continually changed like the old, the middle age, ladies, girls etc.
- A grow-up story of main character who has unidentified being in terms of adult body and kid’s mind.
- A main story quest in relation to an episode and more than 250 sub-quest.


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