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Tankz is a fast paced arcade styled single player hover tank fighting game where you control one of four futuristic hover tanks in a non-stop battle against enemy towers and tanks, while you search for and collect all of the flags to complete the game.

Enemy tanks patrol areas of each level, but if you get too close or shoot them from the distance, they will hunt you down and destroy you. Watch out for enemy proximity mines that get dropped around the level.

Tankz v1.5 NEW features
- TWELVE new unlock-able arenas (4 per existing theme) !!
- Three difficulty settings (Easy, Hard and Crazy)... Easy is now very easy with one shot kills and long delay before enemies shoot you. Hard is what easy was, and crazy is what hard was.
- Best times and scores are kept locally on device, per arena, to let ou know what you need to beat. Gives element of playing against yourself as well as globally.
- New player tank... Scorpion.
- New enemy laser tower (shoots laser beams rather then projectiles - ouch)
- New enemy tank "General" that shoots red plasma balls at you. It doesn't chase you down, but shoot at you from a distance, and the plasma balls explode into deadly particles. Does big damage if you are too close.
- Tank barrels now animate recoil when firing and have muzzel flash.
- Added VO for elements like Ammo Low, Tweet sent, congratulations, etc....
- New Mini-Maps that showcase enemies and pickups (and you) on the map... Map is visble when not driving, and is hidden when driving.
- New Bunker System 5 area challenge level, (looks hot!) These areas are played sequentially, and must all be completed to finish. End area has a cool new challenge at the end to get to the exit. Collect all flags to activate the exit areas.
- New box obstacles that you can ram to move, or even shoot to move (Bunker system only)
- New barrel obstacles that you cant move, and when you shoot then, they explode with massive force doing you damage if you are too close. (bunker system only)
- New artwork for projectiles and rockets, including new cool player projectile trails.
- New targeting system for when in 3rd person mode, to help with aiming.
- Player ranks and stats page (like in Turret Wars)
- New end of game stats summary.
- Integration of OS keyboard.
- Stacks of new things in the games options screen, including... choosing a new control system where tilt strafes, and D pad turns and goes forward and back, choosing the orientation of the device (Landscape Left & Landscape Right), adjusting turn sensitivity.
- New Icon.
- Updated help including info on player tanks.
- Reduced overall memory overhead (offset by more content :-) )

Tankz v1.0 Features
- Three differing hover tanks to choose from with varying speed and turn capabilities due to size and weight.
- Awesome 3D levels including higher platform areas you can get onto.
- Cool particle effects and projectile trails.
- Very fast and responsive single finger movement controls including tilt to turn, forward & reverse, and sideways movement to strafe.
- Controls can be set for left or right handed players.
- Two game play modes... Best Time and Best Score.
- Easy and Hard game play modes for those that really need to feel the pain!
- Tap your tank to switch between 1st person and 3rd person modes.
- Hover pads for health regeneration.
- Jump pads to jump you on to higher level areas.
- In game music, or turn music off in games options to hear your own iPod tracks during game play.
- Global high-score ladder to compete against player around the world.
- Scores are saved locally if no internet connection is available and then uploaded when the internet is available, so you never lose your scores!
- Tracking of shooting accuracy % as well as game achievement stats (for use in a future version, stay tuned).


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