Mad Skills Motocross Lite

Mad Skills Motocross Lite
  • Publisher: Turborilla
  • Genre: Sports
  • Released: 16 Jan, 2011
  • Size: 16.0 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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Get the full version of Mad Skills Motocross, with 60 tracks and more motorcycle options, for only .99 cents!

Turning a fan-favorite genre on its head, the hyper-addictive Mad Skills Motocross plays and feels like no other side-scrolling racing game. The unparalleled physics engine and unexpected power-ups give you a level of control that you have to play to believe. Launch off an enormous jump, land on your rear wheel, hit the throttle, and leave your opponent in a spray of dirt—then brag about it on Facebook and Twitter! Mad Skills Motocross is fun for novices but deep enough for nearly endless competitive high-level play. You’ll need to master wheelies, stoppies, nitro, rocket boots, backflips, front flips, and much more to truly be the best.

See what players of the desktop version of Mad Skills Motocross have known for years: it’s the best side-scrolling motocross game ever made. Get it today!

* Compete on 8 different tracks
* Compete in Career or Time Attack modes
* Use the Jump-a-Roo power-up to record faster times
* Post victories over your computer competitor on Facebook and Twitter
* Race against “ghosts” of your best finishes
* Watch replays of your best races

The Lite version has the following limitations:
*Access to 8 of 52 tracks. Upgrade to the full version to race all tracks.
*Access to 1 of 5 power-ups. Upgrade to the full version to gain access to all 5 available power-ups.
* No OpenFeint challenges. Upgrade to the full version to send “ghosts” of your best times to friends to compete against, and to receive “ghost” challenges from friends.
* No OpenFeint leaderboards. Upgrade to the full version to see how your times stack up to your friends’ times, and also to the best times on the planet.

“My favorite part about Mad Skills Motocross is the excellent physics in the game. There are so many subtle nuances with how you're able to lean on your bike when accelerating and taking jumps that it adds a lot of skill and strategy to how you race. It's very organic, and the gameplay just feels right.”
- Jared Nelson /

Check out what some of our volunteer beta testers had to say about Mad Skills Motocross:

Motocross legend and four-time champion Jeff Emig, via @emig47 on Twitter:
“Ok. So this @madskillsmx is so addictive!!!”
“Just finished level 4 and unlocked level 3 of @madskillsmx cant believe i am playing this so much. Its goood...”
“Ever wondered what it would be like to ride a motorcycle like @TravisPastrana, try @madskillsmx...”

Top pro supercross and motocross racer Wil Hahn, via @WilHahn31 on Twitter:
“@madskillsmx is so freaking cool on my phone! #addicted”
Top pro cross-country racer Chris Bach:
“Sickest game for iPhone. Hands down.”

Search #madskillsmx and @madskillsmx on Twitter for more user testimonials.

What's New in Version 1.2

* 8 levels
* 2 additional FREE levels for our social media friends


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