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The Spacelings and their sinister Roborg adversaries return in the most challenging, original arcade puzzler on this planet!

A year of refinements and new features based on comments from fans, the press and user reviews have culminated in Version 2 of Spacelings, an update so huge some would have released it as a sequel!


“Spacelings is unique in a world where everybody copies each other”

“ hell of a bargain. It’s simple at first, but soon turns into an addictive puzzler in which you’re constantly having to think about what your next move is.”

“Cute and compulsive, this is an enjoyable intergalactic puzzler that’s worth phoning home about.”

“There's invention and a quirky sense of humour in its levels and their titles, and most take less than 30 seconds to complete, ideal for mobile play.”-

“I’m giving Spacelings a rating of 5 out of 5 stars, and would like to HIGHLY recommend this game to puzzle fans. It’s one of the best puzzle games that I’ve played all year.”

“Great graphic’s combined with some imaginative gameplay make Spacelings one of the truly must-have titles for handheld devices in 2011. A thoroughly well deserved 4 Stars for imagination and ingenuity alone.”


Returning from a probe mission to the Hollow suns to find your homeworld devastated by the Roborg Hive Mind and many of your people abducted. Thus begins your epic quest across the galaxy to get them back!

In this supreme test of lateral thinking you must pull, push, grab, deflect, detonate, slingshot and blast your way through over 170 levels of logic and mayhem!


Casual gamers have loads of bite sized puzzles perfect for gaming on the move- all bound together by a series of short tutorials.
Adept gamers can bypass many of the simpler puzzles and get to the arcade style action of the later levels including some positively epic sized challenges, all needing quick fingers and wits for success!


But that’s not all; purchase the Hostile Galaxy Upgrade pack to unlock another 151 levels with all new challenges as well as finishing the epic Spacelings story.

In addition to all this new content, upgrading Spacelings removes adverts forever!

And if all that wasn’t enough, even more level updates are on the way over the coming months!


★ Universal App
★ 170+ levels of awesomely original arcade puzzle action
★ Variable aspect ratio display
★ Branching level structure
★ Multilayered gameplay mechanics combining in a bewildering variety of challenges
★ 3 beam types
★ 10 Distinct enemy classes to be avoided, manipulated and destroyed!
★ New Spaceling types with special abilities
★ Tutorials and hints for novice players
★ Easy to progress, challenging to complete
★ Hundreds of advanced challenge medals to be earned
★ Over 45 minutes of original, retro styled space music
★ Extreme epic sized challenges available
★ Background info on the Spacelings universe
★ Apple Game Center support: 36 Achievements plus High Score and Medal Leaderboards!


★ 151 all new levels
★ Access to NetherSpace and the Roborg Hive Sphere!
★ More levels featuring Dwarfstars, the Killbeam, Burst Lasers, Masters, the “Lifeform” and new Spaceling types
★ The tragic Podlings
★ Total 13+ hours of gameplay for the EXPERIENCED player!
★ Galaxy hopping missions
★ An end to the Spacelings story
★ Rewards for completists
★ More Game Center achievements

We hope you enjoy Spacelings and thank you for all the suggestions and support, we really appreciate your feedback. Please keep the reviews and comments coming...

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What's New in Version 2.2.0

★ 20 New levels for players with the Hostile Galaxy upgrade.
★ iPhone 5 support.
★ Bug fixes.


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