(The) Legend of Sword and Fairy and Bricks

(The) Legend of Sword and Fairy and Bricks
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Welcome to (The) Legend of Sword and Fairy and Bricks,
This a Chinese style game about Sword and Fairy and Bricks, with beautiful screen, and break up the traditional of break bircks.

Basic game operation:
1、when you click in the game interface, the snake battle will moves with your clicked operation, The Lingzhu Ball will launch where your fingers touched,and will never miss. Slide your finger to condensed Emmanuel,beat all bricks,remember don't let The Lingzhu Ball drops off screen.

2、When the brick's life is zero, the bricks will be destroyed.When all the bricks will be destroyed, you win.
But when the Lingzhu Ball fall down, it will reduce the value of life, when life value is zero, you fail.

3、Sometimes when the brick is destroyed, you will own a skill randomly.
Skill one: Lingzhu Crit (The Lingzhu Ball will power up, and cause damage around the Lingzhu Ball)
Skill two: Lingzhu Power (The power of The Lingzhu Ball will shines all the screen, have a greater harm to all bricks on the full screen)
Skill three: Lingzhu Injection (The Lingzhu Ball absorb the brokened bricks, and turn power into attack)


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