Identify Plants and Animals

Identify Plants and Animals
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Identify Plants and Animals is a application, which teaches to identify the classification[plants and animals] in very unique ways.

Plants and animals are living things. Living things are called organisms.
Plants come in many shapes and sizes. Most plants have green parts and grow in the ground. Plants cannot move around on their own like animals can. Plants use sunlight to make their food.
Animals also come in many shapes and sizes. Most animals can move around. Animals might run, swim, jump, or fly. Animals eat plants or other organisms for food.

Application offers 5 different level.
Level 1 to 4 are exercise level.
Each level has different difficulty levels.
Level 5 is a Test.
Test will measure your skills,test result will give a level wise and final assessment of you skills.
One can improve the skills by playing each level again and again.



Application has 5 different Levels.
1) 4 different exercise Levels.
2) Test

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Home: Will take you back to main screen at any point of time. You can then choose another quiz.

Help: Will take you to the Help screen which will provide needed help on the Application.



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