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Russell Stone is a Jewish rabbi at a struggling synagogue in New York City. He is a devout man with a problem - membership is down and he lacks the funds to keep his synagogue open. Things are looking very bleak, and he has grown progressively more cynical and bitter with the passage of time.

Just as he is on the verge of quitting, he receives some intriguing news. An estranged member of his congregation has died and left the rabbi a significant amount of money. A blessing? Or the start of something far more sinister? Can Rabbi Stone just accept the money and move on, or will his conscience get the better of him? Step into his shoes as he travels all over Manhattan in his attempt to uncover the truth.

Features rabbinical conversation methods, a unique method of fighting, a haunting score, and three different endings depending on your moral choices.

Reviews (Windows version):

"A sad, careful and deeply smart game about an older Rabbi struggling in his faith." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"The Shivah's interesting clues system, well-written dialog, logical puzzles and fascinating commentary make it easy to recommend. The story and detective-style investigation will keep you hooked and the multiple endings give the game some much-needed replayability." - Adventure Gamers (4/5)

"The Shivah: Kosher Edition isn’t meant to be enjoyed exclusively by Jews any more than Angry Birds might only be appreciated by birds (or pigs). The game addresses philosophical questions that have been with humankind since we first learned how to look upwards and wonder." - Gamezebo (4/5)

"Thought-provoking tale with solid music and voice acting." - RPGFan 78%


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