SicBo Analyzer

SicBo Analyzer
  • Publisher: Shi Kai Ng
  • Genre: Casino
  • Released: 2 Jan, 2020
  • Size: 7.6 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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This application can help better analyse dice roll patterns in the game of SicBo by allowing users to :

1. Record the history of dice rolls in a session
2. View Binomial distribution calculation results to determine the probability that a specific sum of dice should occur more than it actually did

This application only analyses the sum of dice rolls in the game of SicBo, which ranges from 4 - 17. Users can view the statistic calculation results and make better bets according to the distribution pattern, by betting on sum of dice rolls that are appearing less than they should.

Only the last 100 rolls are used for calculation of Binomial Distribution. All roll data are not saved in any location, thus would be lost if the application is turned off. Restarting the application would result in a new session with previous data removed.

All figures provided are merely for guiding purposes and does not guarantee winning the game of SicBo. Playing the game in a casino would always result in the casino winning in the long run due to house advantage.
Furthermore, binomial distribution only calculates the probability of occurrence should the same number of dice rolls be made again, and does not predict the next dice roll given a set of dice roll history. Since each roll are independent of each other, the probability of getting any sum of dice rolls would stay the same throughout the session.


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