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You are a Japanese sword smith making your mark in the world. You can hire apprentice to help you forge. You can also hire samurai to defend your forge and gain you items. During your journey as a sword smith you purchase items through the marketplace such as raw materials to forge your swords, equipment to make your sword making easier, and armor for your samurai to keep you safe!

The forging experience isn't your traditional collect items and click the "forge button" You are actively forging the sword out through the traditional Japanese steps! The rhythm of your taps on your device do matter! Each sword is truly unique and only the players that learn the system will be able to produce national treasures!

You can sell your creations if you wish, collect them to admire, or turn them in for quest rewards. Also, be sure to maintain your swords as they get dull over time. You may send your swords off to be appraised to increase their value as well.

There is a full mailing system that allows you to mail items and creations to your friends. You can also send your samurai off to attack other forges for fun! The economy is a living economy meaning that there is a finite amount of resources that circulate throughout the game and when swords get destroyed and/or turned in for quests those resources are put back into the economy.

You will also notice that as you play there are jealous sword smiths that will irritate you as you play, but no worries! All you do is bash them with your hammer and they go away and sometimes they will run away leaving you something special. Also, all items that you collect along your journey can be mended and/or reforged!

Mending items gives you a chance for better stats on the item. Yes! You can mended mended items; but beware more times your mend the harder it is to mend that item making it easier to break. When reforging you can reforge items into something else that might be more useful.

I won't ruin all the surprises with the game; but here at Frankenware Studios we truly hope you enjoy the world that we have created. Thank you for any interest in what we've created.


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