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Most of us know how does starving feel. Even those who have the courage to lose weight can be weak and break their own rules. Some might give up at that point saying "I'm failed". We say it does not necessarily mean you have to give up. Diet21 helps you keep track of your progress and lets you know whether your diet is still going according to plan, or you are totally lost.

In our application we expect our users to be fully aware of what they are doing whether it is a low-carb, paleo, ketogenic or whichever diet. It is not our business. What we provide to our users is an application where they can rate themselves and see if they should focus more, or they have same space to fall into little sin(s).

We assume 3 (main) meals a day, and one (optional) session for workout. Each of them can be rated as "bad", "normal" or "good". They logically contribute to the daily total points with -1, 0 and +1. If you felt through the whole day that you managed to keep your diet plans/rules, additionally you had a training session just as your workout plan said, then you have given +1 to each, meaning you have 4 points for that day.

Additionally dinner and the workout may receive the "great" rating, meaning you over-performed your plans. (For example skipped the whole dinner, or doubled your training session.) Great rating adds +2 to the total daily points which could result 6 points in a day, but there is a limit per day, which is 4. So skipping a dinner, or overtraining is only worth doing when earlier you were not satisfied with your performance.

By this users can track (and react on) their swings, like having a bar of chocolate after dinner resulting in a -1. As the days sum up, the goal is to reach 21 at the end of the week. 3 points in average per day mean the user was able to keep the diet plans, or even with little flaws the workout helped keep the progress on track.

As a reminder we also collected the basics of all diets in our knowledge base. Those one-sentence hints are key to the success of any diet so it is worth reading them through regularly. Of course each sentence could be elaborated in full articles, but we kept them short on purpose, as like we said, they should be read regularly.

Disclaimer: Users of this application have to seek doctor's advice in addition to ideas and recommendation in this application before applying them in practice or making any medical decisions.

What's New in Version 1.0.2

* Add marketing URL to App Store page
* Add Facebook and Marketing site URLs to About page
* Improve user experience when tapping on small icons (e.g. close or copy link icon's)


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