Why you NEED to play Pokemon Sun and Moon

By , on September 22, 2016
Last modified 6 years, 2 months ago

I was going to write something controversial about Pokemon.

How another new pair of games, with another new region and more new characters, might be overkill.

How ideas are starting to dry up, how the repeating loop and same adventure every time is becoming tired.

How Pokemon has lost its edge, how the designs are stupid, and how - after Pokemon GO was such a hit - maybe the mainline games should hang up their Poke Balls for good.

The truth, however, is that Game Freak and The Pokemon Company are only just getting started. Pokemon has never been so exciting.

Pokemon is improving with every game

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The DS era was not kind to the series. Pokemon's art style struggled with the transition out of the Game Boy Advance's 32-bit tenure, Game Freak leaned too heavily on what had come before in their monster designs, and the franchise stagnated as a result.

Pokemon had hit a nadir.

Since Black and White however, Pokemon has improved with every release.

Black and White 2 are seen as some of the most thematically and narratively deep Pokemon games around.

X and Y featured some of the most imaginative Pokemon designs since the generation one / two / three days, finally showed Game Freak had what it takes to draw in the 21st century, and successfully shepherded Pokemon into 3D.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire breathed new life into my personal favourite generation, retaining the nostalgia factor but modernising the pair of games masterfully.

And now Sun and Moon seem to be throwing the Pokemon formula out the proverbial window. With Z-moves, Ultra Beasts, a different time of day depending on which game you pick, and challenge islands (leading to some fans speculating Gyms will no longer form a part of the Pokemon journey), Game Freak are proving they're not afraid to shake things up.

This could be exactly what's needed, given there'll be a load of players jumping back into Pokemon for the first time in years, such was the reach of Pokemon GO.

NX gives endless possibilities


Image via Pitree on NeoGAF

Picture the scene. You're playing a fully fledged Pokemon adventure on your big screen at home, but your mum wants to drag you to Ikea.

I pity you, we've all been there.

Well just grab your NX controller, take it with you, and carry on catchin' em all while following the bizarre one way system round the shop as your parents ponder which lampshade they want for the new living room.

Hopefully, The Pokemon Company will have learnt from the successes of Pokemon GO, and we might even get some AR goodness built into that controller and a future Pokemon NX game.

The dream.

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company are only just realising what we all want

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Take a look at the critter designs for Sun and Moon's Alola region. Cute as hell, right?

That's because the developers is only just realising what I, you, everyone wants from a Pokemon game: cuteness.

Sassy cuteness, but cuteness nonetheless. Imagine the levels of adorability (it's a real word, okay?!) in the next pair of games!

Pokemon is only just hitting its stride. I can't wait to see what's next.