The best silly sports mobile games to play with one hand

By , on September 5, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 9 months ago

It's sunny, there's a slight bite to the air now summer's coming to an end, and we're half-way through the week. Why is that a big deal? Well, it's not really, but it can often feel like the day's going a little slower than usual.

You know what would be a pretty good remedy to such a time? Silly sports games, of course. What? You've never played any silly sports games? You're probably not alone. Whatever mood you in, whatever kind of day you're having, these mobile titles take the idea of playing a sport and gives it a bit of a jiggle.

Management sims offer up more of a logical, straight-forward challenge if you're a hardcore sports fan. But, for me I often think about the lighter side – the side where you have fun regardless of the outcome… which probably explains why I wasn't ever much good at sports, but oh well.

Flip Divingdownload on iOS

Despite how exciting the title sounds I wouldn't go into this thinking about all of the amazing flips and tricks you can do to show off to your mates. Until you rack up enough in-game cash, you may find yourself grinding the same levels for quite a while. Though, actually, that also might be because it's harder than you think.

Flip Diving is an utterly daft physics-based diving game all about leaping from a cliff, doing tricks, and trying not to smash against anything on the way down. That sounds like an easy task, but you have to get your dive spot-on when you hit the water or get ridiculed by an overly happy-sounding presenter.

Will it help you make the Olympics? No. Will it make you laugh out loud in your office while you think your boss isn't looking? Yep.

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Battle Golfdownload on iOS

If you think golf is a bit too bland (even Colin Lane's wonderful new title, Golfing Around), you'll definitely enjoy this ridiculous and palm-sweatingly fast-paced golf game.

Yes, there's golf in it. Essentially you have to keep your eye on an ever-moving tee angle, choose when to stop it, and how much power you want to put into it. "Sure, but there are lots of games like that, Emily." I know, but you can play directly against other people or against AI in this one.

Not only that, you can also fire golf balls right at your opponent to knock them out. Ahhh, it's so much fun. In the centre of the screen islands rise and fall so you don't have long to putt your ball in the hole. It's marvellously silly.

Cobi Hoops 2download on iOS

You may not think of basketball as a particularly silly sport (unless you're squeaking your sneakers on the court floor), but Cobi Hoops 2 really explores the idea that it's not just about dunking and points.

Actually, strike that, it's ALL about dunking and points, but the charm of this game is the method of doing so. Sure, you dunk your balls in the basket, but if you're playing in Puzzle mode you'll have a wide series of obstacles to figure your way around.

You might need to throw over walls, flip switches, rebound your ball at the right angle, and do even wilder things to win. The fewer tries you get it in, the cooler you'll be. Alongside a more retro art style you've also got some snazzy 80s-sounding music and some seriously weird places to put a basketball court. Honestly.

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Skiing Yeti Mountaindownload on iOS

If you think the title's the weird bit – er – you're half right. In Skiing Yeti Mountain you're slipping and sliding down the slopes with a single finger (though you can change to two hands if you want) in search of the elusive Yeti.

What makes this more than just a 'turn left, turn right'-kind of skiing game is its bizarre cast of characters and its slow-building but engaging story. You may fail your runs a fair bit, but the levels are short, sweet, and plentiful.

Practice makes perfect and you'll love every second of it. Hold your finger too long and you'll practically come to a stop as you turn. Too little and you might well hit something you don't want to.

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Vault!download on iOS

While this isn't a particularly original mobile game, Vault! brings along a kind-of typical Nitrome charm which'll have you coming back for more tries than you originally aimed for.

This auto-runner has you leaping across crevices, canyons, and over all sorts of obstacles with nothing more than your pole and your lightning-fast reflexes. That's pretty much it. Simple, yes, but effective and awfully fun.

It may have a lighthearted appearance, but it's the scenarios that get sillier and sillier. Have you ever tried pole-vaulting on something bouncy? Seriously, have you? Was it hard? Well done you.

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