The 5 best premium auto-runner games for mobile

By , on September 10, 2018
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I feel like Mondays always split people into two groups. On one side you've got the early risers and keen beans and on the other side you've got the folks who wish they could bring their bed to work with them.

Sure, you've got to get going and you've got some time to kill on the bus, train, or on your lunch break, but you don't want to play anything that's TOO much effort, right? Well, that's where auto-runners come in handy.

Whether it's an endless or level-based runner, some of the App Store's grandest adventures can be spent trying to 'git gud' at these games. Better still, for the most part you only need to tap the screen. Ooo, pure luxury.

Alto's Odyssey - download on iOS (£4.99/$4.99)

We couldn't talk about premium auto-runners and not include Alto's Odyssey, right? Obviously, Alto's Adventure is another cracking title you'll need to play, but Odyssey goes above and beyond what was done before.

With ultra-simplistic controls, calming accompanying music, beautiful aesthetic, and mesmeric pacing, you'll not only be picking up a cracking game in the genre, but one of the most visually pleasing too.

In this second instalment, you're slipping and sliding through deserts with an almost Journey-like feel to the whole thing. Discover locations, beat your high score, and enjoy the ride overall.

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Rayman Fiesta Run - download on iOS (£2.99/$2.99)

In the world of mobile auto-runners based on big franchises, you never quite know whether something will be a hit or miss. However, when it comes to Rayman Fiesta Run there's little to worry about and lots of fun to look forward to.

You've got over 75 new levels to work through in this colourful, charming game where the art is hand-made and the party never stops… unless you turn off your iPhone.

More than just running and jumping to collect Lums, as you progress through the game you'll unlock new powers, fight big bosses, and enjoy all of Rayman's new abilities. Oh, and if you're really good at the levels, you can play through conquered levels again in a harder mode. 

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Badland 2 - download on iOS (79p/99c)

It doesn't matter if you loved the first one to death or haven't even played it yet, Badland 2 is a game you'll want to put on your device eventually.

Not only visually striking, there's a lot more content to get down and dirty with in this sequel and it won't be a walk in the park, that's for sure. Tap to get your character past a load of tricky obstacles, like frost, flamethrowers, and magma.

Its controls may be simple, but it'll take some real concentration to get through some palm-sweatingly tight corners. Oh, and it's got a few tricks up its sleeves too.

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Chameleon Run - download on iOS (£1.99/$1.99)

Chameleon Run may only be a game of two (ish) colours, but it's a lot harder than you think. You're running in at an angle and have to sprint and leap across platforms painted pink, yellow, and black.

The big trick here is that you need to be matching the colours you land on and to avoid the black ones altogether. You'll tap to jump and switch from one colour to another in mid-air, and try to keep up with the game's dizzying pace.

Even if you're the most coordinated mobile game player, you may find yourself tripping up every now and again here. That's half the fun, though.

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Super Mario Run - download on iOS (£9.99/$9.99)

This may be a controversial choice for some given its price point but, hey, it's a premium game list. If there's one thing you can say about Super Mario Run it's that it's slick as a greaser's hairdo. 

Playing as the plump plumber, you'll work your way through four levels and six worlds, not including the little bits and bobs you can do on the side and after you've beaten the main game.

Whether you guys think it's worth it or not depends on your budget, but there's a surprising amount of challenge and decent replayability - especially for completionists. If you don't know whether to partake or not, you can play the first 1-4 levels for free. I say. 

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