Catch up on AppSpy's latest gaming videos: September 21st

By , on September 21, 2018
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Happy Friday, readers! I hope your weather has been better than ours here in the UK, and if not I hope you weren't caught in it at least. Another week's passed us by and James has been busy over on AppSpy's YouTube channel.

Only a week after Pocket Gamer Connects, there's been a lot to do between the lines, but we've had some quality content to check out. What? You haven't watched this week's videos yet? Well then, lucky for you we're here to make your life that much more convenient. Aren't we nice?

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions - download on iOS

James had a whack at the recently-released Warhammer card game, AoS: Champions, and found it rather enjoyable. Though it's got the makings of a typical Hearthstone-esque CCG, it manages to pull away from the norm.

Your board, for example, is split into lanes and controlled by a single champion. None of your cards have mana cost, but you can only use two per turn and you need to mind your health bar. Obviously, the loser is whoever dies first.

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Bike Unchained 2 - download on iOS

In this hands-on video you need to don your helmet, warm up your knees, and get ready to judge your reactions properly in order to win the round AND the overall race.

You don't control the actual steering in Bike Unchained 2, but you've got a say in your momentum. Know when to push down and when to pull back to gain the right amount of speed, and build up your bike the best it can get.

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Where Shadows Slumber - download on iOS

This was a game that I was most eager to play this week and AppSpy's review should definitely give you a good idea whether to pick it up or not. In a lot of video games light serves as an important factor, from directional to atmospheric tension.

In Where Shadows Slumber it quite literally effects the world around you, allowing you to manipulate shadows and alter the landscape. Why? To solve puzzles and help our boy, Obe, on his final journey.

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There should also be one more video screeching its way onto YouTube this week. I'll be sure to add it in when it crops up.