The 5 best mobile horror games to play this halloween

By , on October 9, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 4 months ago

The season of spooks is upon us which means it's time to dust off your masks, maybe don't risk using last year's face paints, and pick out your very finest selection of horror films ready for Halloween. Of course, having a handful of excellent horror games is always a must for these events, isn't it?

I don't know what you've been playing or if you've played much - folks who don't like getting scared should probably give this one a miss - but these games are perfect for such a season. Get your cosiest blanket, lock the doors, grab a cuppa, and crack on with any of these lads while you've still got the nerve.

Five Nights at Freddy's - download on iOS

Of course Five Nights at Freddy's is in this list - have you ever actually played it?! If you're looking for a game to give you a bigger hatred of kids' party places or pizzerias, or to set your nerves tingling, this'll do it.

Setting up as a night security guard, you've got five nights to get through before you get a whopping great check for your efforts. Sounds easy right? It would be, if there weren't dodgy animatronics that take on a life of their own. The first night is a piece of cake, but give it some time and you might find the models start popping up where they ought not to be.

You need to check on them, keep an eye on what they're doing, close the doors in your office if needs be, and watch out for your power supply. If there's no power… there's no door protection.

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Year Walk - download on iOS

This is one of those wonderfully obscure indie games you don't really expect to be dipping its toe in the horror category. Truth be told, it's not horror in the traditional sense, but rather unexpected and unnerving in its design.

Seated in a first-person view, you travel forward and backwards through a beautiful, snow-covered forest to discover all sorts of secrets and follow its story. Set in 19th century Sweden, the forest is home to strange creatures from folklore and you'll remember your time with them without a doubt.

As far as tension goes, it's got bags of it. Where some might find it a bit slow or uninspiring, its easy mechanics, gorgeous design, and snappy movement between positions keeps you eager to play more.

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Eyes: The Horror Game - download on iOS

If you're looking for a more - er - 'on the nose' horror experience, Eyes will set you up right and give you the heebie jeebies from now until Christmas. It's all about exploring the creepy, decaying rooms of a mansion, so what could go wrong really?

Again, it's a first-person experience and has you running about in the dark trying to pick up items, find valuables, and try not to get your guts chewed out by a monster. What? You weren't expecting that?

While this may sound pretty typical, what makes it an interesting take on the genre is its customisation. You've got all sorts of modes to try out and levels to unlock, and you can even choose the monster you want chasing you around. Cliché or not, good luck playing this in the dark.

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Dark Echo - download on iOS

One of the scariest things for us as humans (with very poor natural instincts) is nightfall. Everything is just worse in the dark, isn't it? Out walking, home alone, sitting in your car, all mundane things can be instantly made scarier when the lights go out. That's why Dark Echo is so brilliant.

Though its design is very minimal, it plays with the idea of sound and echoes. Each sound you make bounces off obstacles around you and creates an idea of your environment, before washing back to nothing. Of course, scary as it is, it could always do with more monsters.

Making sound is your only way to see, but what happens when it's also the only thing that attracts an unspeakable evil? You'll need a dark room, headphones, and a safety cushion for this one.

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Corpse Party - download on iOS

Yes, the name is rather morbid-sounding, but Corpse Party is still one of the best horror experiences you can get across mobile, console, and PC. Granted, it comes at a price and, 'ho boy, it's not for the faint of heart.

Some of you may not be too mad about the anime-esque art style or the idea of engaging in such a heavily narrative adventure. I'd say rest easy, friends, because you'll not be short of scares. After a friendship ritual goes wrong, a group of school friends are transported to another realm - one of ghosts, monsters, and murderers.

Be warned that the subjects covered in Corpse Party are extremely heavy, so I'd definitely do your research before picking this up. It's also visually graphic and genuinely horrific at times. If you love well-rounded horror stuff and aren't of a sensitive nature, you'll definitely want to dive into this come Halloween.