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By , on October 22, 2018
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Good day and happy Monday to you all, I know it's been a little while since you last heard from me, but it's been busy AND I was off on holiday last week, lucky me. Since I'm still settling into working after some chill time and I put gloves on my feet this morning instead of socks, let's have a look at what James has been up to.

If you've not been hovering about for the last fortnight, you might have missed the fact that AppSpy's YouTube channel has had a makeover. Now it's sporting our familial site, Pocket Gamer's, logo (since AppSpy is connected to PG anyway), but that's the only change. It's still the same great content with the bearded wonder.

Night Terrors: Bloody Mary

You might remember this, but James took a swing at Night Terrors a couple of years ago and it resulted in some rather hilarious video footage. Once it was revealed Night Terrors was getting a new game, from the mastermind behind Paranormal Activity no less, you know he just had to dive back in.

Disappointingly, he's missing his knock-off Ghost Busters-style backpack of capture gear, but with his wife away there's plenty of space for scares as he creeps around his flat in the dark. Well, if he scared easily there would be anyway. Unfortunately for us, the man's got the courage of a lion and the squeal of a little girl.

Of course, there would be fear if I was playing it. Thankfully I'm a good distance away from James' house and can't be convinced into diving into the game myself, no sir. It'd be laughs for you and a broken phone for me.

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ELOH review

In what may seem like a rather curious name for a mobile game, ELOH is a surprisingly brilliant puzzler that we urge you to try when you can. Made by the folks who brought us Old Man's Journey, this time it's a music/rhythm-based challenge with some funky, fresh beats to get a feel for.

It's simple enough on the surface. You need to arrange tiki-looking heads in a manner that'll redirect a line of sound to the goal. In doing so, a button lifts from the bottom of the screen and you can move on to the next level. What makes the game really shine is its audio and animation, entirely expected of Broken Rules' wonderful artists.

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Reigns: Game of Thrones

We've been waiting for it for quite a while and somehow I still haven't played it. Don't judge me, it's on my iPad ready to go. Mashing up one of my favourite mobile games with one of my favourite TV/book series, Reigns: GoT is a super cool rendition with the same art-style and mechanics as its cousins.

If you're familiar with GoT you'll get a thrill from watching familiar characters pop into frame, but it doesn't matter if you haven't. You still need to survive for as long as possible without being blown up, stabbed, eaten by dogs, poisoned, or beheaded. I know that's very UN-Game of Thrones-like, but we have to start somewhere.

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F1 Mobile Racing review

Moving away from the fantastical and spooky, F1 Mobile Racing crept out on iOS recently and gave us something more down-to-earth to jump on. After all, we know pretty much where we stand with racing games, but this one's got some interesting qualities to point out too.

It's a game that wants to make you as comfortable playing it as humanly possible. That runs from what control scheme you want to use to whether you prefer racing against AI opponents. Of course, it's not perfect and its match-making could do with some serious tweaks. Since it's free to play, this is definitely a case for you to pick up and try the game if you're interested. You might like it. You might not.

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