Catch up on Pocket Gamer's latest YouTube videos - (October 26th)

By , on October 26, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 4 months ago

It's been a busy ol' week in Steel Media, that's for sure. In case you missed yesterday's announcement, Pocket Gamer got a fresh new look that's been well worth shouting about. I know, it's been on the cards for a fair while and you'll see across all Steel Media sites how excited we are that it's finally here.

Getting to the point, you should go check that out if you haven't already. Besides that, it's Friday again and you know what that means. It's time to check out the epic videos James has been putting up.

He's off on holiday at the moment, livin' life and sleeping 'til noon and whatever it is people do on holiday, but he's not left you hanging. Have a look at the vids you can catch up on right now below.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

If you're all up for platformers that throw more interesting mechanics into the mix, you should really have a gander at this. In James' video hands-on you can see what to expect if you were to pick the game up on iPhone.

I've actually played this puzzle platformer before on Nintendo Switch and thought it was a decent way to spend a few hours. More than anything, looking at the mobile version I'm chuffed to see its controls aren't overly complicated and its graphics are still beautifully crisp.

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Stardew Valley

If you've been umming and ahhing about picking up Stardew Valley on iOS (it'll be coming to Android too, don't worry), you might want to give our video review a lookie. While we can't speak for you or your specific tastes, you'll at least see the pros and cons of the game in fair detail.

In my experience, it's a near-perfect port of one of my favourite games ever. The only issue I had was with its finicky combat controls, but that's not an impossible fix. You might also struggle in some cases if playing on a phone with a smaller screen, but I still think it's well worth it.

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Tesla vs. Lovecraft

James got handsy with 10tons Ltd's Tesla vs. Lovecraft and rather liked what he saw. Though this twin-stick shooter can be a bit repetitive, it's easy to enjoy it as its fast-paced, fluid gameplay keeps you on your toes.

You level up as you go and use special powers when available for that extra 'ooo' factor, and basically just take down dozens – even hundreds – of enemies. If you enjoy the struggle, you'll definitely want to have a closer look.

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Euclidean Skies

Pocket Gamer's been raving about the game all week and in James' hands-on, you can see why. Unusually, Euclidean Skies plays best when brought into real life through its AR technology, meaning you can play all of its puzzle/platformer goodness while stepping over your living room furniture.

It's got a teeny bit of a Monument Valley feel to it, but it's not a copy by any means. As James explains, AR in the game is more than a gimmick, it actually aids you in moving around the levels and exploring all of your options with better clarity, and we're living for it.

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