Catch up on Pocket Gamer's latest YouTube videos - (November 2nd)

By , on November 2, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 3 months ago

I think I speak for everyone when I let out a massive "ahhhhhh" and get ready to kick my feet up as the weekend peers in. But, we can't get too comfortable just yet, oh no. Before the alarm gets shut off and the pyjamas stay on, we should have a quick look at what's been happening with video this week.

By now you should know that AppSpy's video channel has changed to Pocket Gamer's official YouTube channel. Don't worry, it's only the name that's changed if it's totally new to you, and it's the same fantastic content.

Since James was on holiday until a few days ago, there isn't a tons of stuff to get through. Saying that, as always it's high quality and interesting stuff.

Old School RuneScape

It feels like a fair while we've been waiting for Old School RuneScape to come out and this week we finally got to play it for reals. Over on our YouTube channel, James had a go himself in a quick hands-on.

Some of you may not be wowed by what you see, but more than just providing a classic experience it's something that'll make some of you guys feel all tingly and nostalgic. It's a little bit clunky, it's a little bit busy, but fans of the game will no doubt love it.

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PAKO Forever

If you've played PAKO or PAKO 2, you'll get the gist of what to expect here in PAKO Forever. Much like an endless remake of the first game, here you're driving about a never-ending parking lot, avoiding police, obstacles, and all sorts of trouble.

This game's all about the chase and swift, faster-than-lightning moves you can (or can't perform) to evade capture. It's simple, sure, but a decent ol' time on your phone for short trips or moments you need to pass.

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Though it's a bit of an odd name, SHUMP gives us that ooey-gooey nostalgic feeling from old-school arcade games. You know, the ones you'd play at the arcade and already have your coins counted out for each retry. This isn't much of a looker, but it's another excellent addition to those 'one more go'-style games we hate to love and love to hate.

Taking control of a teeny blob of a thing you need to work your way up the screen, firing at descending enemies before they get you first. In case you've not put two-and-two together yet, SHUMP is a combination of 'shoot' and 'jump', literally spelling out the two major parts of the game.

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