Catch up on Pocket Gamer's latest YouTube videos - (November 9th)

By , on November 9, 2018
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Here we are at the end of another week and it's been a pretty busy one overall. Though things haven't been crazy here on AppSpy, over on Pocket Gamer there's been a bucket-load of reviews to get through and, of course, a few videos by James on the official YouTube channel.

Where we saw the likes of PAKO Forever, SHUMP, and Old School RuneScape last week, this time around it's more about boats, triggers, and muscly, moustachioed men, and we love it. I've also been a bit cheeky and slipped in one of our other weekly projects and, in my defence, James DOES run it so it's basically related. Maybe the inappropriate auntie or third-removed cousin of the family? I'm just talking to myself now.

Blackmoor 2

I promised muscly, moustachioed men and you'll get muscly, moustachioed men in Blackmoor 2. As James says in the video, if you're going to make a side-scrolling hack 'n' slash in today's market, you need to make it the best it can be. Though there's a rich and detailed story mode, you can also work through user-created dungeons and create your own levels too. Is it worth playing overall though? Find out below.

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Trigger Heroes

All you need in this action roguelike is one thumb, or finger if you prefer. Rather than a lot of games in the genre, you're not encouraged to just charge in willy-nilly. Instead, you'd do better to stick to the edges of the map and deal with enemies in smaller numbers. You need to fight smart, consider your environments, and pick off your foes one by one.

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Fleet Battles: Battleship Game

If you've ever played Battleship, you'll probably clock onto what's going on here straight away. Created in association with Fleet Battles: Battleship Game, this hands-on shows us how the game performs, its different modes, ease of matchmaking, the various soundpacks, and more general UI bits and bobs. These quick-fire matches look pretty ideal for short journeys and coffee breaks.

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Pocket Gamer Podcast

Today James and I got together for a more mellow-cast, while I recover from a bit of a sleepless night, where we chatted about the latest and greatest news, releases, and epic iOS, Android, and Switch games. I know, if you're already a fan on the podcast, you'll probably be missing Ric by now, but he had some leftover holiday to take. Come next week we three (and maybe our fourth, unofficial member, Indy) will be back with attitude.

Listen to it right here