Top 5 iOS games with dragons in them

By , on November 13, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 8 months ago

After many months of waiting and watching, Spyro the Dragon is finally out with its lovely remaster and I, for one, am very excited. So excited, that I'm feeling like we should celebrate our purple friend by checking out how dragons are celebrated on mobile. Why? Well, why not?

From riding them into battle, having them destroy cities, grow into even grander beasts, or even just becoming the crazy cat lady of dragons, you'll be feeling the heat with these titles. Sadly, Spyro isn't available on iOS, but you'll definitely scratch that reptilian itch at the very least.

Hungry Dragondownload on iOS

If you've played Ubisoft's Hungry Shark before you'll be familiar with the controls and concept of the game. Basically, fly off into a mysterious world, devouring all manners of normal and magical life, and occasionally burn things to a crisp.

Not everyone's too pleased to be your dinner in this endless action game, so they'll give you a good old fight back. The key thing is to rack up points, unlock bigger, badder dragons, and be able to take on larger prey while you're at it.

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War Dragonsdownload on iOS

Join a guild and help your fellow dragon-riders take on enemies in this real-time strategy game. Find and hatch eggs, then grow your babies into the ultimate war weapons, though be sure to pay attention to their individual skills, attack styles, and abilities. You can even breed them to add more power behind your growing army.

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Merge Dragons!download on iOS

Gram Games' Merge Dragons! is another calming and unhurried puzzler, this time full with all sorts of adorable, scaly beasties. In the land of Dragonia, you need to fight back against the evil Zomblins and restore your land to its former glory.

Match everything you can together, from plants and trees to eggs, and eventually match the Gaia statues to move on to the next level. Hatching dragons will help protect your village from the monsters that plague it and there'll be lots of different types to oogle at as your play.

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Dragon Mania Legendsdownload on iOS

Gameloft's adorable dragon-collecting breeding game is perfect for the collector in you. If you've ever want to own one of the creatures yourself, now's the time to unleash the hoarder you know you've always wanted to be.

Feed, cuddle, and care for your pets to help them grow big and strong, then take them with you across Dragolandia to battle residents, improve your skills, and maybe even pick up a few unusual breeds while you're out there too.

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Dragon Hills 2download on iOS

Okay, so this is kind-of a two-for-one deal. You've got the dragon, sure, but you've also got a princess. This is one princess not concerned about playing the pianoforte or running her empire behind closed doors, no – at least, not when the empire's overrun with zombies.

The other difference is that the dragon you're playing with is a war machine, quite literally. You need to hop on its back and dive in and out of the ground, taking on the undead, cowboys, aliens, and whatever else decides to turn its weapons on you. I'd just roll with it here.

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