The top 5 bite-sized golf games on iOS

By , on November 16, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 8 months ago

I've been feeling in a real golfing mood lately. Of course, when I say 'golfing' I don't ever mean super serious Tiger Woods-style golfing, I'm talking about something more bite-sized and adorable.

Playing on mobile, I don't really want to get into anything too fussy and the shorter I can play a round, the better. It's still whacking balls in holes (hold your laughter, you fiends) but I've never said no to anything with a cool design or bit of a different outlook on the whole thing.

The ironic part is in real life, golf bores me to tears unless the word 'putt-putt' is in front of it. If you're the same and you love those shorter-style bits and bobs, I'm fairly confident you'll love these games too.

Golf Peaks - download on iOS

Fresh out this week, Golf Peaks is an unexpected joy to play as you'll find in James' hands-on below. You'll also find it a popular opinion all around the Pocket Gamer team as it sports a rather unique play style. Rather than hitting the ball in a traditional manner, you need to solve the puzzle of the shot, choosing from a series of pre-set moves instead.

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Desert Golfing - download on iOS

I said bite-sized before and this technically counts if you think of it as 'minimal'. Desert Golfing is actually an endless golfing game where you just need to whack balls and sink them into the ground one hole at a time. How long for? Few people know. I've only read of a couple of players who reached the end of the game, only to be faced with an uncertain nothingness to make them question the very meaning behind their existence. Haa, I jest… or do I?

Super Stickman Golf 3 - download on iOS

I've got no doubt in my mind that you've likely encountered one of Noodlecake's Super Stickman games at some point. In it you need to make shots, determining the angle of the stroke and strength of the hit, to get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible. Sounds easy, right? Well, there are some levels that are maddeningly hard, and the addition of another player makes for good fun too.

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Golfing Around - download on iOS

If you guys have fooled about with Colin Lane's stuff before, you'll know that he likes to make rather daft and unique games. Golfing Around moves past the silly and actually feels more serious, in comparison to his other stuff, but lovely at the same time. The main thing here is to get a feel for the controls – once you've got your head around that you'll be able to fall in love with just playing and putting.

OK Golf - download on iOS

Should you enjoy golf, but really don't have the time to play a round of it on your commute or on the toilet, OK Golf is a game that just focusses on all of the important bits. All you've got to do is drag, aim, and release – that's it. No worrying about what club to use or if you end up in a sand trap, it's just about smacking balls and taking in the scenery.

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