Our pick of the top iPhone and iPad game of the week - Tacticool

By , on January 31, 2019
Last modified 1 year, 8 months ago

Every Thursday here at AppSpy we like to make sure that you know what the most exciting game that's come out over the past seven days. And today is no different. This week's game of the week is the awesome Tacticool, a top-down multiplayer shooter that's just landed on the App Store.

The game sees you taking control of a soldier, teaming up with friends or strangers, and taking on another team in fast-paced military shooting action. And while that blasting core is solid, it's the other little layers that Tacticool puts down that make this such an interesting prospect.

For one thing there are vehicles you can jump in. Grab a friend and they can man the gun on the back of a truck while you drive. There's friendly fire though, so you're almost as likely to get run over by your own team. Then there's the money bag.

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You're playing to get the highest score in a time-limit, and while you earn points from killing and assists, you get even more if your team is carrying the bag. Obviously the opposite is also true - if the other team gets the bag, then killing the player with it should be your main goal.

There's more to discover as well, and you'll get new weapons, stronger characters, and more as you play. Right now there's not quite enough content here, but we're hoping that's going to change over the coming weeks and months.

Plus what is there is definitely worth checking out. Tacticool has loads of interesting ideas, plenty of crunching violence, and it's designed almost perfectly for mobile play. If any of that sounds like it might be up your alley, you can click right here to grab Tacticool for iOS. And make sure you check back next week when we'll be telling you about another awesome game you need to play.