Developers we’d love to see on Playdate: Part 8

By , on July 5, 2019

On now to the 8th and final part of our list of developers we’d love to see on Panic’s upcoming Playdate console. For this entry, we’ve gone for an indie studio that only recently rose to popularity and a renowned solo developer known for his fleshy designs and hardcore gameplay.


Although Katana ZERO wasn’t Askiisoft’s first game, that would be 2009’s Tower of Heaven, it’s fair to say the assassin-starring action platformer was the one that put the team on the map.

It’s a hyper-violent, 80s enthused mystery that draws plenty of inspiration from the Hotline Miami games. Though, despite wearing its influences on its sleeve, Katana grabs the room clearing formula of Dennaton’s series and runs with it in its own wild direction.

And while Katana’s striking neon visuals wouldn’t be possible on the Playdate’s screen, I’ve no doubt the rapid-fire slicing and dicing would translate beautifully. So fingers crossed for something similar but aesthetically different.

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Ed McMillen

Ed McMillen is perhaps best known for being the twisted mind behind indie classic The Binding of Isaac. With an impossibly moreish gameplay loop, tons of unforgettable imagery, and a gut-punch approach to storytelling, it's easily one of the best roguelikes of all time.

While Isaac may often overshadow everything else, McMillen’s output has been consistently good for a long time now, with games like The End is Nigh and Super Meat Boy being especially noteworthy.

I’d honestly love to see anything from Ed on the Playdate. Though with his next game, the turn-based The Legend of Bum-Bo, still being worked on, it’s perhaps a bit of a long shot.