A wild game appears! - AppSpy's Sunday Service

By , on February 1, 2015

It's Sunday! So make yourself a coffee, pop your feet up, and skim through the most exciting stuff AppSpy has made for you this week.

The Big Stories

1. Fahrenheit has passed through Apple's strict content regulations uncensored - NSFW sex scenes and all.

2. Forgotten Memories is shaping up to be absolutely terrifying.

3. These are the top 8 Japanese RPGs that are yet to make it onto mobile...

4. … and these are the 8 best Western RPGs for people who don't like Western RPGs.

5. Plus, we went hands-on with a very early build of The Wild.

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Destructamundo has you destroying planets in spectacular methods that usually involve large explosions. It's pretty brutal in that way. But that's okay because its strong visual presentation and rock solid gameplay make up for any guilt you may be feeling after engaging in your pseudo-genocide-like actions.

More on Destructamundo: Pocket Gamer review / 148Apps review

How we spent our weekends

James: I'll be playing that Forgotten Memories game and discovering how long I can stare Cthulhu in the eyeballs before my sanity claws it way screaming out of at least two major orifices

Peter: I'll be reading Basho: The Complete Haiku, an anthology of Japanese poetry written by Matsuo Bashō. I'm fancy like that.

Danny: This weekend I'll be mucking about capturing odds and ends for 3DS and Vita and having a pint with a Welsh pal.

Glen: I'm closing all the doors, shutting all the curtains, and getting acquainted with my brand new Wii U.

We Are Steel

Mean Girls ruled, Battle of Toys grabbed our fancy, and Ambition of the Slimes took home the coveted Editor's Choice. All this, and oh so much more, at 148Apps.

This week Pocket Gamer previewed The Detail, Forgotten Memories, and The Wild, checked out remastered versions of Fahrenheit and Grim Fandango, and asked, "hey, wanna be a dead body?".