Infinite West tests your turn-based gunslinging skills on iOS

By , on January 22, 2018
Last modified 4 years, 6 months ago

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Clint Eastwood and others made being a gunslinger look easy in dozens of westerns, but surviving the ever-increasing onslaughts of Infinite West is anything but. Available now om iOS, this high-score chasing strategy game transforms Wild West gun battles into Hoplite-inspired chess, with a board game touch.

Each level, your blade and gun wielding hero figurine must face a growing army of bandits, dodging their knives and bullets while getting into position to eliminate them all. Limited health and ammo means every move counts, and much like the mobile roguelike Hoplite, you can see the attack range of every enemy, so surival becomes a careful game of placement and weaving between dangerous areas.

Special tiles refill your bullets and health pouch, while upgrade crates let you improve your stats and skills before moving onto the next stage. Reach stage 7, and you’ll be able to purchase the full game, unlocking new modes, new gunslingers, and other features.

For tactically-minded gunslingers, Infinite West is available as free to download on the App Store; a $4.99 in-app purchase unlocks the full game.