Samurai tactically clash in turn-based strategy game Warbands: Bushido, now available on Android

By , on February 22, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 3 months ago

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After first releasing on iOS last year, the board game aesthetic and turn-based battles of Warbands: Bushido have now come to Android. If you’re looking for challenging strategy and a unique presentation, this is one strategy game to certainly check out. 

16th century Japan is an era rife in conflict, and it’s within this war of samurai, ninja, mercenaries, and other factions that Warbands sets its gameplay. Each themed scenario utilized a blend of dice rolls, positioning on hex-based maps, and deck buildings to craft a wide array of tactics, letting you place detailed figurines to initiate battle among forest clearings, villages, and other locations. Swords clang, deft strikes slice through enemies, and other animated actions imbue Warbands‘ combat with style and atmosphere; whether it’s in the story-driven scenarios, skirmishes, or multiplayer fights, Warbands: Bushido’s aesthetic and challenging tactics remains detailed and <chrome_find class="find_in_page">nuanced throughout.

While Warbands is paid on iOS, it’s free-to-play on Android, including in-app purchases to unlock additional scenarios, cards, and figurines. You can download Warbands: Bushido on Google Play, and learn more about the game through its official site.