The Banner Saga 3 is slated to release on mobile later this year

By , on April 13, 2018
Last modified 4 years, 10 months ago

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Stoic's Banner Saga series has been bringing its blend of Norse myth-inspired world and strategy RPG gameplay to mobile since 2014, treating players to a grand and desperate journey across two entries. Now the third and final Banner Saga is nearing release, with mobile ports confirmed for sometime in 2018.

As a series, the Banner Saga games have revolved three key facets: the choice-driven dialogue during story moments, the caravan management where you try to keep your starving struggling group alive while reacting to random events and managing your hero units, and the turn-based combat revolving around positioning and skills. The past games have covered a grueling battle for survival between men and towering horned Varls against faction squabbles and the ancient threat of Dredge; this bleak finale promises to take your caravan into even more apocalyptic danger as the Dredge grow in power, and expand upon the deep combat mechanics with challenging wave battles, charms and promotions to further upgrade units, and new heros to add to your ranks.

The Banner Saga 3 will be releasing on consoles and PC in July, with the mobile version expected in the months after. You can learn more about the game on the official Banner Saga site.