Sandbox racer Off The Road receives a gameplay trailer ahead of its July release

By , on June 5, 2018
Last modified 3 years, 4 months ago

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The upcoming Off The Road looks to capture the big jumps and hill climbing of arcade offroad racing with a sandbox approach that lets you freely switch between various vehicles, in this unique racer game launching next month on iOS and Android.

From speedboat to jeep to big rig to helicopter, Off The Road teases a number of different vehicles to control across its open maps, Moving between vehicles in first person, you can choose them at your leisure, simply racing freely over hills or testing your skills in challenges. Coins to collect and tricky missions like cargo hauls or narrow speedways snaking through mountaintops supplement Off The Road's sandbox design. 

Off The Road will be a free-to-play download when it releases in July, with more details and footage expected to reveal soon. For more details, you can follow developer Dogbyte Game's official site and Twitter page.