Devolver’s CARRION is a nightmare of tendrils and gore

By , on June 11, 2019
Last modified 11 months ago

During Devolver Digital’s annual fever dream of an E3 conference, we were lucky enough to get another quick look at the delightfully fleshy CARRION. The appropriately named Phobia Game Studio are the minds behind this reverse horror game of sorts in which you assume the role of a shapeshifting nightmare of tendrils and gore.

It looks like the gameplay will feature a lot of sneaking about, stalking your human prey, punctuated by short, sharp bouts of action.

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The sheer nastiness of the horrors on show reminds me a fair bit of Inside’s sad, desperate science experiment gone wrong. Though Phobia’s creature’s slow hunting and considered bursts of violence appear altogether more deliberate than the accidental crushings carried out by the child-like blob.

And that’s what makes this idea so enticing – that feeling of barely controlling a wild animal. It’s a concept similar to this year’s stellar Ape Out, and one that I hope Carrion can explore in its own disconcerting way.

As for the release date, Devolver says it’ll be out in 2020. A Switch port seems certain given the publisher’s success on the platform, though the PC version is currently the only one confirmed.


SumoSplash 11 months, 2 weeks ago

This looks AWESOME. However, why is a mobile site covering a game confirmed only for PC? I appreciate the heads up here, but I only game on mobile.

By the way... The new PockGamer interface is TERRIBLE! Jesus Christ!

CBald 11 months, 1 week ago

Hey man, writer of the article here. I reckon it's pretty much a dead cert that we'll see this one on Switch given that Devolver's last few big games have all been ported over. Switch is kinda mobile, right? Glad I could give you a heads up though!

SumoSplash 11 months ago

So your article is about a PC guarantee that may filter down to Switch on a mostly mobile gaming site...

Carrion my wayward son! Get it? Carry on?!

SumoSplash 11 months ago

Also, can you PLEASE tell Harry and James to change the PocketGamer homepage to something, ANYTHING, other than what it is now? It’s giving me vertigo.