Microsoft's Gears POP! opens for pre-registration

By , on August 2, 2019
Last modified 3 years, 2 months ago

Gears POP! is the upcoming spinoff to one of last-gen’s most influential series, Gears of War. It takes the likes of Marcus Fenix, Dom, and Cole Train, and gives them all a cute Funko Pop! makeover, while still retaining some of the punchy, tactical combat that the earlier games are known for.

It’s basically a hero collector which sees you upgrading and testing your crew to perfection. The news today is that the game has now entered its pre-registration phase ahead of its planned launch on September 2nd.

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Gears POP! is focused on intense PVP battles against opponents from all over the world. While the combat is still real-time, it’s decidedly slower and more tactical than its cover-based big brothers. At launch, there are set to be over 30 characters to play with, and you can even mix COG and locust teammates to create the ultimate squad.

Famous locations from the earlier games have been redesigned to suit the change in gameplay style, though they’ll still be recognisable to fans of the series. The neat-sounding ‘Ultimate’ abilities let you summon devastating emergence holes or swarms of creepy wretches to devour your enemies.

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There’s also an offline mode where you can test your mettle against AI opponents. This is a great place to throw around your latest tactics and see what works. Plus, you’d be wise to run a few offline rounds before taking your squad online, just in case the pairings don’t fit.

If that all sounds good to you, you can now pre-register for Gear POP! over on both Google Play and the App Store. Look for this one come September 2nd.