Tombshaft is a charming, challenging rogue-lite platformer

By , on August 13, 2019

Tombshaft, developer doinksoft’s second game this year following Gato Roboto, is a charming, challenging rogue-lite platformer. It tasks you with delving into a trap-filled, monster-infested tomb to hunt for priceless treasures, and it’s available for pre-order today on the App Store.

Some have already drawn comparisons between it and roguelike classics like Spelunky and Downwell. Though, on closer inspection, it’s clear that Tombshaft’s gameplay differs quite a bit from both.

You’ll rapidly slide down the crumbling cave walls while taking care to dodge the various monsters that call the tomb home. In the mix are man-sized bats, horned devil things, and the odd flying eyeball.

The caves themselves are all procedurally generated, meaning no two runs should be exactly the same. Collecting coins while exploring is a good idea if you fancy unlocking new characters. Each comes with their own unique look, so they should hopefully help to keep things fresh.

Obviously it’s hard to tell from gameplay alone, but the controls at least look fairly fast and fluid. And that’s a very good thing indeed as roguelikes tend to be some of the hardest games around.

If you fancy checking this one out, you’ll find Tombshaft available for pre-order now over on the App Store. It’s set for release on August 22nd, with an Android port to follow.