Minecraft Earth now available for pre-registration on Android

By , on August 23, 2019

As first reported by Mobile Game Network, Mojang’s upcoming take on Ingress and Pokemon Go, Minecraft Earth, is now available for pre-registration over on Google Play. The news arrived as a tweet over on Mojang’s official Twitter account.

The game has a large focus on creating little models that can then be brought to life as full 3D holograms. Other players can see and interact with your builds, which is neat. Hopefully there are ways to avoid griefing, though.

You’ll have to gather resources dotted throughout your surroundings in order to build bigger, more impressive structures. There are also different variations of Minecraft’s iconic mobs to collect.

The game has been playable in beta on iOS for a little while now, though this marks the first time Android players have been able to get involved.

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If you’d like to give it a try, here's the link to Minecraft Earth’s Google Play page. It certainly sounds quite promising, though recent AR games trying to follow in the footsteps of Pokemon GO have really struggled to find a sizeable audience. But if anything’s going to attract a younger audience to get involved in AR games, it’s probably the Minecraft brand.