Marvel Realm of Champions unveils another of its houses, the Gamma Horde

By , on May 29, 2020
Last modified 1 month, 1 week ago

Earlier this week, Kabam shared the first info on another of Marvel Realm of Champions' houses, the Gamma Horde. It's home to various factions of the Hulks of the Horde, who are all now caught up in a struggle to determine their role in the turbulent Battleworld.

All told, it doesn't seem to be the most inviting location, what with the less-than-friendly locals and green goo everywhere. Featuring areas such as the Killiseum, Badlands, and Dragon Boneyard, it certainly sounds like one of the Battleworld's deadliest places to be.

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Marvel Realm of Champions, if you didn't know, is an ambitious follow-up to Kabam's popular fighting game, Marvel Contest of Champions, which you can check out in the hands-on video above.

Some of the previously revealed houses include the Asgardian Republic, the Patriot Garrison, Pyramid X, the Kingdom of Wakanda, and the House of Iron. Each is ruled over by its own specific baron, some of which include Peggy Carter, Queen Shuri, Stark Prime, Apocalypse, and War Thor.

If you're a fan of Contest of Champions, be sure to head on over to Realm of Champions' official site for more info and an interactive map of its world and various houses. The game is currently set to launch for iOS and Android.