Black Desert Mobile's Valencia update boosts the game's level cap and doubles the size of its world

By , on June 2, 2020
Last modified 1 month ago

Black Desert Mobile already boasted one of mobile gaming's largest explorable world, and today's Valencia update has only gone and doubled its size while boosting the level cap to 75 and introducing a number of quality of life improvements.

Valencia is a giant landmass located to the east of the Mediah territory. It is said to be of a similar size to Mediah, Serendia, Balenos, and Calpheon all put together. There's a whole lot here to explore, though only the most seasoned of adventurers need attempt to traverse the vast desert that separates the Calpheon Republic and the Valencian Empire.

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The Bashim and Waragon territories are now available in-game, and within those all-new areas, you're sure to come across high-level abyssal grade gear such as Rakshan shoes and the Rakshan helmet. Those looking to see the next chapter in Black Desert Mobile's main storyline will be pleased to hear that the new update introduces plenty of new quests.

Various quality of life tweaks have also been made, including changes to the success rate for crafting alchemy stones, as well as alchemy stone synthesis. And to round this all off, a full auto-craft system has arrived for when you're in a rush and need a bunch of items post haste.

Those searching for a dense, content-packed MMORPG will find Black Desert Mobile up for download now from over on Google Play and the App Store.