Mystery visual novel Far Away comes to mobile next year

By , on November 5, 2020
Last modified 2 months, 3 weeks ago

XD Network has announced Far Away, an upcoming mystery visual novel for iOS and Android devices that’s releasing some time next year.

You play as Krosa Nonet, an employed bay worker in the fictional town of Bedjan who becomes entrapped within the city’s seedy underworld. As you continue playing, the story has the possibility of going in different directions depending on the decisions you make, impacting both the fates of Krosa and the city itself.

You will mainly be tasked with finding clues and exploring different character perspectives to piece together the mysteries that Bedjan holds. Altogether there are eight main storylines, with over 500,000 words of text, and also feature a soundtrack by Zris, the artist who previously worked on Arknights.

It’s being published by XD Network, the company also responsible for next year’s mind-bending puzzler Moncage also releasing on mobile, and developed by HongCha Games, a Chinese studio and its first commercial worldwide release.

In discussing the upcoming release of Far Away and the ways in which it uses narrative as its main feature, lead producer HJL Misak says: “As a studio, we wanted to create rich interactive storytelling. Videos were too simple and limited our ability to express ideas.”

“We’re excited to take visual novels to a whole new level,” they added. “It’s allowed us to achieve our ideas and express emotions and actions that unfold in a unique way, in a world filled with secrets, danger, and alternative endings.”

Far Away is releasing on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android next year, and a Steam version will also be releasing at the same time too. XD Network has not commented on pricing, nor has it mentioned a narrower release date yet so we still won’t be sure when exactly to expect the game in 2021.


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