Rebel Inc gets a campaign mode in its latest update

By , on November 18, 2020
Last modified 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Ndemic Studios has released a new update for Rebel Inc, bringing with it a new campaign mode to the insurgency simulator.

The newly added campaign mode has you carrying out large scale operations in multiple regions in order to bring piece to them. It’s important that you think up different tactics that ensure your success here, while also keeping an eye on your resource management to overcome the challenges that present themselves.

There are also some additional features coming to the campaign mode not seen in other game modes. The first is the Adaptive Insurgency mechanic where active insurgents can learn new tactics over the course of the campaign, bringing in new challenges for you to face. This includes sleeper cells and ambushes.

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Another feature is Powerful Tactics, when each time you stabilise a region, your abilities and resources are expanded. This opens up new strategic opportunities that includes sniper support, advance development experts, and indestructible garrisons. Finally, Rebel Inc is also adding Dynamic Maps, where each map is procedurally generated to give every run a fresh feel. It means that every region may contain a different combination of Crime Syndicates, Armed Supporters, No-Fly Zones and Soviet Bunkers.

With the release of the new campaign mode for Rebel Inc, it’s been a busy time for Ndemic Studios. Last week it released The Cure expansion for Plague Inc, the mobile game which has you mutate a deadly virus to take over the planet. Because it’s 2020 though, The Cure instead put you in the role of the scientists working to eliminate the diseases and restore society back to what it once was.

If you want to check out the new campaign mode for yourself, Rebel Inc is available to download on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It’s a paid title which costs $1.99 and has in-app purchases.