Norwegian adventure game Embracelet out today on iOS

By , on November 26, 2020
Last modified 2 months ago

Embracelet, the coming of age adventure game from Machineboy, is out today on iOS devices after it had an earlier release on PC and Nintendo Switch.

It’s set on a beautiful Norwegian island where you play as Jesper, a teenager who inherits a magical bracelet from his grandfather. The item in question can manipulate the world around Jesper, which you can use to solve puzzles and access unexplored areas. Jesper, together with his friends, set out across the island to learn more about the bracelet, the quirky local residents, and himself. Ultimately, it’s a coming of age story as well as a magic realism tale.

If you want to see more about what the game is about and how it plays, you can watch the trailer below for more details. As you can see, the low poly island is gorgeous while the puzzle aspect isn’t too daunting for those intimidated by tough puzzle games. It should be wholly accessible to anyone unfamiliar with games of this type.

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According to the developer, Embracelet will take anywhere between three and six hours for the story to reach its conclusion. This estimate gives you a lot of leeway because it means it’ll appeal to two types of players; those who like to briskly run through the story and don’t want to see everything, and those who love exploring every nook and cranny, who want as long an experience as possible. I know for myself especially, I definitely fit in the former category so it’s nice to see both playstyles are being accommodated.

The iOS version of Embracelet is out now. It requires iOS 13.0 or later to run, but there’s no official word on if an Android version is coming yet. iPhone or iPad users can download Embracelet from the iOS App Store. It’s a paid title costing £6.99.