Creative adventure game Drawn to Life: Two Realms is out on mobile

By , on December 7, 2020
Last modified 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Drawn to Life, the creative adventure series that was on Nintendo DS a decade ago, now has a new follow-up on mobile.

It’s a game about creating your own playable characters, level objects, and accessories by drawing them using the touchscreen. With this power, you solve puzzles and explore the levels, interacting with new characters and fixing problems for everyone. You used the DS stylus for this back in the original games, but now with the mobile port it’s done using your finger.

It’s set several years after the previous game, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, which appeared on the DS in 2009. The last Drawn to Life game was released for iOS in 2014, which was a port of the original DS game. Two Realms features many of the same characters; Mari, Jowee and others from the series, as you hop between worlds and uncover the mystery of the Shadow.

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Drawn to Life: Two Realms features dozens of unique toys, with over a hundred Imagination Battles and 70 Hymans and Raposa to chat with, so there’ll be plenty of content to digest. There’s a huge degree of customisation too, with millions of colours and many stickers to unlock.

“We’re unearthing the beloved and groundbreaking Drawn to Life franchise with a new version created for a new generation of gamers and platforms,” says Neil Ralley from 505 Games. “It’s been over a decade since the previous title so we can’t wait for new players and long-time fans to get their hands on Drawn to Life: Two Realms just in time for the holidays – the perfect opportunity for older fans with families to share an old favourite with their kids.”

You can download Drawn to Life: Two Realms now from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android for a premium price of $4.99. It’s also on PC and Nintendo Switch, should you fancy it on there, where it costs $9.99.