Call of Duty: Mobile’s new Season 13 introduces yet more maps, game modes, and more

By , on December 21, 2020
Last modified 6 months ago

Call of Duty: Mobile has had a new update for Season 13, bringing with it new maps, game modes and another Battle Pass to work through. The update is called Winter War to coincide with Christmas coming later this week.

First of all, the new Battle Pass brings in new tiers of free and premium content to unlock as you work your way through it. Free unlocks here include the EMP System scorestreak and Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle. Meanwhile the premium tiers includes unlocks for Golem (Siberia) and GKS (Pack Warrior). The Peacekeeper MK2 is a beastly assault rifle made of meteorite, and it fires rounds coated in magma. It’ll also have a variety of customisation options to use once it arrives.


There’s also a new event called On the Brink, which has you deploying sleeper agents to infiltrate city centres. Doing this will allow you to unlock weapon sets which provide a recruitment bonus, and finishing the job will reward you with Epic, Rare or Uncommon items.

Of course it wouldn’t be a new Call of Duty: Mobile season without some new maps to play through. The first is Nuketown Russia, a spin on the classic Nuketown map that has appeared in every Black Ops game so far. The second is Raid Holiday, a seasonal variant of the classic map of the same name. Both feature snow as a big part of their scenery to help celebrate the festive season.

Alongside that, the game is also getting Grind as a multiplayer mode. Here, players collect dog tags from killing other players and have to secure them at a drop-off point located somewhere on the map to bank points.

You can download Call of Duty: Mobile from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a free to play title featuring in-app purchases.