Blind Drive is an arcade game about reckless driving coming soon to iOS and Android

By , on February 4, 2021
Last modified 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Lo-Fi People is releasing an arcade-type game on iOS and Android next month called Blind Drive, as well as bringing the game to PC too.

It’s part comedy, part thriller where you’re blindfolded and weaving through traffic at insane speeds. You can only use your hearing, instincts and reflexes to get through unscathed. To add some context to this setup, the driver in question has been kidnapped and blindfolded, chained to the steering wheel and ordered to drive to an unknown location.

While it sounds very serious, Lo-Fi People insists Blind Drive is actually extremely campy and feels more like a B-movie crime caper with many humourous moments. I just think it’s amazing they’ve managed to create a game about impaired vision that still feels wholly playable and not annoying to grasp.

Since you’re not able to see much while playing besides some trippy visuals, the audio is the real focus here. The story itself has voice acting and there are many hyper-realistic sounds which make use of the game’s two-button control scheme to let you weave through the traffic using audio alone. In fact, Lo-Fi People claims it’s possible to beat the game with your eyes closed.

Blind Drive features 28 levels to get through, and this includes boss fights, mobsters, dolphins and even your own angry grandma. While there’s no demo available on mobile yet, you can actually play a small slice of the game by downloading the PC demo on Steam today as part of the Steam Games Festival.

If you can't access the demo though, then Blind Drive will be available to download from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android on 10th March. There’s no word yet on the pricing but the facts of these will likely be revealed as it gets closer to launch.