Knights of Riddle’s second episode is out now on iOS and Android

By , on February 23, 2021
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Game Scorpion released Knights of Riddle, a new fantasy adventure game, as a free game on iOS and Android a few weeks ago. Its aim was to release chapters of the game episodically, with the first one releasing on launch and the second episode coming out this week.

The second chapter for Knights of Riddle extends the game with new challenges and more exploration, as well as widening the lore by adding new slices to the story. Game Scorpion has also stated it intends for all future episodes to be available for free as in-app updates.

In Knights of Riddle, you play as Oz Macrion, a prince and knight guided by a special book of knowledge and wisdom. Macrion is exploring the world looking to learn the art of this book, meeting fellow knights along the way and venturing through different dungeons and temples.

The game features an intuitive and simple melee combat system in which you battle enemies and dodge to avoid fatal dangers. You complete quests, solve puzzles and interact with NPCs at the local town to progress through each chapter.

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Knights of Riddle is designed as a free to play game with no gimmicks like in-app purchases and adverts.

“I hope that our new vision for games helps to change the conversation and bring an alternative to these gimmicks and hopefully put the power back into the players hands,” said Nav Gupta from Game Scorpion. “Covid 19 and this pandemic has taught us how important it is for us as human beings to interact and take care of ourselves and each other. It’s just ethical gaming and I hope more game developers join in on this initiative in the future.”

You can download Knights of Riddle from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store.