The Longest Road on Earth is coming to iOS and Android on 20th May

By , on April 22, 2021

Raw Fury has revealed it will releasing the melancholic indie adventure game The Longest Road on Earth to iOS and Android on 20th May. It will also be coming to PC on the same date.

Featuring four short stories, it’s a poignant adventure game with a heavy focus on its narrative. Each story focuses on the life of an ordinary person, and isn’t a game with any difficult challenges to punish you but is instead expressing thoughtful stories that you can become immersed in.

To aid with this, there’s no dialogue or text in the game either to allow you to share these moments with the characters and create your own interpretations about them.

Music is also very important, with the soundtrack using haunting lyrics to tell a story of its own. With themes about the sanctity of life and the perceptions which define us as human beings, this music will allow you to be swept away by the narrative.

The Longest Road on Earth aims to be as accessible to players as much as possible. The lack of text and simple controls helps with this, as well as the fact that it’s a pretty short experience overall. It’ll take you about three hours to see the whole thing, making it the perfect title to play through in one or two sittings.

You will be able to play The Longest Road on Earth when it hits the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store on 20th May. There’s no pricing announced for it yet, nor are the store pages up, but you can keep up with the game’s development over on its Steam page.