Night Book, the spooky FMV game from Wales Interactive, will release for iOS later this month

By , on July 14, 2021
Last modified 1 year, 1 month ago

Wales Interactive, a developer highly regarded for their FMV games, has announced that their latest effort, Night Book, will be launching for iOS on July 27th. If you're an Android user and want some spooky, interactive movie action, then you can also pick the game up on consoles and PC on the same date.

The story of Night Book follows Loralyn, a pregnant translator plying her trade from home. She is unwittingly tricked into unleashing evil into her life, and now she must protect her family safe by making a series of decisions. However, this is a choice-driven game, meaning multiple endings, some of which might see her loved ones meet an unfortunate end.

Night Book was filmed remotely during the lockdown, which presumably brought a host of challenges to the game's development. It features several cast members with good experience in video games and TV, including Julie Dray (Cyberpunk 2077, Avenue 5) and Colin Salmon (Resident Evil, Arrow, and Die Another Day).

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Discussing Night Book, Alex Lightman, director of the project, said: “Every movie is different but working on Night Book was a truly unique experience. Shooting entirely under COVID restrictions meant that every assumption about how to make a movie had to be reconsidered.”

They added: “The project was shot entirely over Zoom with some scenes taking place across three countries simultaneously, with the actors setting up all their own camera kits and props. It was a real honour to work on such an unusual project with so many talented people, and I hope everyone has as much fun playing Night Book as I did making it."

Night Book will release on the App Store on July 27th. Additionally, it will also launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.