Concordia: Digital Edition released for Android and iOS devices as a premium title

By , on September 28, 2021
Last modified 3 weeks, 5 days ago

The fanbase of Concordia will be very excited to find that Concordia: Digital Edition has released across PC, Android, and iOS.

Concordia is a very well-known and renowned strategy board game that can be shared and enjoyed with your close ones. Around 2 to 5 people can enjoy this game at the same time. Comparing Concordia with similar board games like Monopoly is a bit unfair because this game is much more intense, interesting, and challenging in every aspect.

In this game, the player begins with a Roman trading house and must progress further to expand the reach of their empire. Unlike other games where the primary winning factor is money, Concordia judges its players based on their devotion to the Roman gods. Once the player has unlocked the two final "personality" cards, the game will end.

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What the community/fanbase can expect?

Concordia: Digital Edition is a full-fledged digital version of a classic board game that was already a super hit title in its physical form. Other well-known board games have made the transition to digital over the years, so it's great that we are seeing more and more games converted to digital. The developers Acram Digital have made it possible to enjoy Concordia: Digital Edition across all digital platforms.

While tactile, physical board games do lack in some areas, especially in that of the explorative experience. The maps and environments are fixed on a physical board game, whereas when it enters the digital platform, the scope of adding various new things gets widened. The gameplay experience becomes extremely enhanced, and players find a genuine reason to return. The digital edition of Concordia also lets players enjoy cross-platform gameplay, but there's also hotseat and AI opetions too.

Everyone is staying home due to the Covid-19 pandemic too; so this is perfect if you and your gaming group aren't quite ready to travel for game nights again.

Concordial: Digital Edition is available across all platforms - PC, Android, and iOS. Android users can get it from Google Play Store and iOS users from the App Store.